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We cultivate
and sustainability.

Agribio: We value the transparency of a controlled supply chain

AgriBio controls its own commercial supply chain step by step, guaranteeing its safety and truthfulness. Unique in this market, we offer our customers/suppliers the possibility to carry out internal audits and verifications, in order to prove the absolute transparency of our supply chain and the traceability of the marketed products, from the field to processing.
AgriBio guarantees at all times the control and transparency of its supply chain through a continuous series of audits, inspections, sampling and analysis at accredited laboratories, making use of internationally recognized and certified third-party operators which guarantee an absolute transparency and control.
Our focus on product quality is also shown by GMP+ and IFS Broker certifications.

through transparency of a controlled supply chain.


We give life to the well-being of people and the environment.

Agribio Germany provides organic raw materials for food consumption with a particular reference to the world of protein-rich oil crops and cereals. Eating healthy means respecting the demands of your body, but also buying products whose impact on the environment and on people’s lives is as sustainable as possible.
We strongly believe in a short chain, traceable in every step, transparent to the customer who, by purchasing an organic product, makes a clear choice both for his health and for environmental sustainability.

Trust, commitment and will are not three abstract words, they are our coins, measures of values and intermediaries in exchanges: these are the bases from which we have started to build the future. And this future, now clearly outlined, will bring Agribio Germany to the creation of finished organic products, designed for the final consumer.

We nurture
quality by selecting
the best raw

Agribio helps its partners in the research and procurement of raw materials from organic farming for the production of feed.

An accurate and ongoing research in the world market has led us to open a network of companies, creating a short chain which is traceable in each step, thanks to which we can get to the field of the production of raw materials. Before being placed on the market, the lots are scrupulously analyzed by internationally accredited laboratories in order to verify compliance with EC Regulation 848/2018 and all European standards on healthiness of raw materials for zootechnical use, and for the study of qualitative components.

Cereals, Protein Cakes and other proteins crops are fundamental in animal nutrition thanks to their excellent nutritional values which, integrated with fodder and mineral salts, help the animal to grow and upkeep.


SeedFuture Group
We believe in an ecosystem of excellence.

The SeedFuture group draws on a robust Italian business heritage, infused with the distinctive Italian mindset, marked by a global outlook and presence. Comprising a range of companies, each reflects distinct skills and activities tailored to diverse regions of operation. At the group’s helm, SeedFuture SRL, our holding company, orchestrates and oversees the operations of its subsidiaries. It fosters collaboration and operational effectiveness while actively contributing to shaping the group’s overarching strategy.

SeedFuture SRL oversees the activities
• of AgriBio and its international affiliates,
• of AgriTrade and Ener-Agri France.

AgriBio, a supplier of raw materials for food and livestock consumption (cereals and legumes), epitomises the concept of SeedFuture’s innovation, supply chain control, and transparency in the organic sector. Through its various corporate entities, it is active in Europe and West Africa, engaging in cultivation projects and ethical involvement with crops indigenous to the regions.

AgriTrade in Italy, in collaboration with Ener-Agri France for the transalpine market, represents leading companies in the expanding sectors of biogas and biomethane. Specifically, AgriTrade’s research has identified Silphie as a biomass that promotes the proliferation of beneficial insects for organic farming, reduces water waste through a deep root system, and absorbs significant amounts of CO2 through chlorophyll photosynthesis.

At the heart of the entire system, we find the SeedFuture corporate philosophy, aimed at achieving balance on the planet through harmony among people, animals, and the environment.

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